Thursday, December 10, 2009

I H8 Movie Embargos

I'm drunk and completely out of the loop on Avatar. But I've recently heard about something called movie review embargos. Basically, the movie industry asks that the reviewers hold off on reviews until the movie has been released.

But, I think I may have an issue with this policy. First of all, why should movie reviewers be catering to the desires of the industry? I think I had more journalistic integrity in the high school newspaper and I was the Sport's Editor.

Why am I being such a dick? Well--because if someone on FOX news had heard something about Obama's new healthcare plan, it'd be up as soon as possible. But not movie reviews. Damn, I honestly proved no point in this paragraph.

Here's the deal, if you know something you should let the world know. Because someone is interested and that someone is me.

Fuck those corporate whores that want to buy your praise, be who you are and express what you feel. Then we can listen to what you really have to say. Because people value an honest opinion over what will sell the most.

Imagine if the Ewoks would have become as big a deal as we all think they should've been. I don't want to give anything away, but we could have real-life fucking Ewoks. Fuzzy, self-aware creatures that purr when they like you.

*** this is fucking sweet!!***


  1. Actually, I think you DID prove a point in that one paragraph. Why should the movie industry garner any more respect from the media than anyone else, whether it's the president or one of the million other victims of brutal reporting?

    Why SHOULDN'T movie reviews be released prior to the release of the movie, anyway? If they don't want reviews released, why not just stop screening the movie before the release date? Makes sense to me, but then, what do I know? I'm just a CraezieLady, after all!

    But I agree with you - fuck paid advertising, I'll take an honest opinion over that any day.

  2. Haha!! It's a first for me, I finally proved a point!! Heh, I agree why even let them screen the movies if they can't talk about them? I realize this probably gives the reviewer more time to think about the flick, but first impressions are usually the most honest!

    Sure, movies can grow on you, but those movies usually get bad reviews anyways. Paid advertising is the worst sometimes, especially when it influences what news, ideas, words we hear and see.

    It's disappointing that even some of the more responsible media providers even participate in this.

    However, I think someone outside the united states actually broke the embargo for this film, which is pretty fucking badass!! Trendsetter baby.


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